Niagara Pro Features

Niagara Pro is our premium in-app upgrade to unlock all of Niagara Launcher's features. Here’s a list of what you’ll already get when upgrading to Niagara Pro:

📆 Plan your day

Full access to the inbuilt calendar agenda & weather forecast. More info

📁 Organize your apps with Swipe actions

Swipe on an app to open related apps. More info

🦄 Make it your own

 Apply your own fonts, and get excited about future customization options. More info

🔍 Supercharged search with Sesame

Deep integration for the popular Sesame app. More info

🔵 Minimal Niagara Dots Icon Pack

More info

Quick-Lock Gesture

More info

Option to Hide Status Bar

More info

Plug & Play - Music Category

More info

What Else?

That's not all; we're constantly working on new free and pro features. Here is a list of what pro features are planned. If you want to know why Niagara Pro exists in the first place, please read this article.

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