Niagara Pro Features

Niagara Pro is our premium in-app upgrade to unlock all of Niagara Launcher's features. Here's a list of what you'll already get when upgrading to Niagara Pro:

πŸ–ŒοΈ Anycons – An icon pack family to make theming hassle-free

An ever-growing list of icon packs directly integrated into Niagara Pro. Each pack supports all apps powered by our machine-learning categorization algorithm.

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πŸ“† Plan Your Day With Our Integrated Calendar And Weather Widgets

Your schedule at a glance with Niagara's calendar agenda & weather forecast.

πŸ“š Widget Stacks - Get Useful Info At Your Fingertips Without Sacrificing Screen Space

Add multiple widgets to your homescreen with widget stacks. If you don’t want to clutter your homescreen with widgets, you can also tuck the widget stacks in pop-ups and pop-up folders β€” your widgets will only be one swipe away.

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πŸ“ Organize Your Homescreen With Pop-ups

Pop-ups are a more versatile version of folders, which help you organize and tidy up your home screen. They can contain apps, shortcuts, notifications, and even widgets.

Top benefits of Pro pop-ups:

  • Pop-up widgets: Get timely information at a glance while keeping your home screen clean.
  • App list pop-ups: Add folder pop-ups to the app list to organize all your apps.
  • App pop-ups: Swiftly access related apps, shortcuts, or widgets by swiping right on apps.

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πŸ”΅ Go Minimal With Niagara Dots

Don't get distracted by flashy app icons with this minimal icon pack that supports every app.

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πŸ–ΌοΈ Enjoy Hassle-Free Icon-Theming With Icon Assistant

Here's how Icon Assistant helps you with icon packs:

  • Auto-restore: Saves and restores icons you individually set when switching icon packs
  • Quick-edit: Helps you change individual icons with suggestions
  • Auto-replace: Finds alternative icons for apps not supported by icon packs

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πŸ¦„ Make It Your Own With Custom Fonts

In contrast to grid-based launchers, the text also plays an important role in Niagara Launcher’s design. Therefore it only makes sense to also give you the power to customize text appearance.

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πŸ•™ Give Your Setup The Final Touch With A Personalized Clock

The clock is one of the most prominent elements on Niagara Launcher's home screen, so you can express yourself by customizing it to better suit your setup.

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πŸ”’ Quickly Turn off your Display with a Double Tap

Double-tap on the alphabet to turn the screen.

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🌟 Hide the Status Bar for an Even Cleaner Look

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🎷 Plug and Play - Launch Your Music Apps Right When You Need Them

Your music apps will automatically appear when you connect your headphones or speakers.

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What Else?

That's not all; we're constantly working on new free and pro features. If you want to know why Niagara Pro exists in the first place, please read this article.

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