Adding Multiple Widgets

Right now, you can only add one widget to Niagara Launcher (Niagara Settings > Features > Niagara Widget > Add custom widget). 

Is there a workaround?

Yes. Martin BD, one of our users, shared how to achieve a multi-widget setup with the third-party apps Popup Widget 3 & Panels. Disclaimer: We're not affiliated with the developers of those apps in any way; use at your own risk. 

Here's what he posted:

I use PopUp Widget (in case the app name itself didn't already give it away) to create widgets that open on top of other apps or the home screen. You can create icons on the home screen to open these pop ups.

Panels is optional as I assume you'd only really need the functionality of the other app, but I'm putting this here too as I find it immensely useful to be able to open additional shortcuts directly from the homescreen with gestures.


Can multiple widgets be added in the future?

Probably. With Niagara Pro, multiple widgets can be added as an app action in the future. You can access app actions by swiping right on an app. Here's a mockup made by Martin on GitHub

Another idea would be to customize the Google search button at the bottom right to launch a widget, e.g., your calendar.

What about a widget page?

We are not really fans of widget pages. The only thing widgets have in common there is, well, they’re all widgets. So why should they be grouped? Showing a weather widget below the clock and accessing your calendar agenda via a swipe / by tapping on a button makes more sense. Also, widgets often tend to use much memory. The concept of a widget list would kind of endorse users to cluster the page full of widgets. In contrast to that, a swipe menu shows only a single widget at once, so not every widget has to be loaded into ram when you want to access one.

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