Adding (Multiple) Widgets

How Can I Add a Widget to the Homescreen?

To add one, long-press the clock or agenda widget at the top and tap on Add custom widget.

How Can I Add Multiple Widgets?

Note: Both options require Niagara Pro.

Option 1: Through Widget Stacks

Widget stacks allow you to use up to four widgets on your homescreen without sacrificing screen space. Swipe on the stack to switch between your widgets.

To create a widget stack, add multiple widgets to your home screen (long-press the clock or agenda widget at the top and tap on Add custom widget) and Niagara Launcher will ask you to create a widget stack. You can rearrange your widgets by long-pressing the widget stack and tapping on Edit favorites.

Option 2: Through Popup Widgets

Each app has a pop-up; swipe right on an app to open its pop-up. More on pop-ups here.

To add a widget to a widget to a pop-up, swipe right on an app to open its pop-up and then long-press it. Here, tap on Edit [app name] pop-up and then Add widget.

Option 3: Why not both?

If you don’t want to clutter your homescreen with widgets, you can also tuck the widget stacks in pop-ups and pop-up folders β€” your widgets will only be one swipe away.

This also allows you to, e.g., group all of your smart-home-related widgets in one app pop-up to have them all accessible in one place.

Creating a widget stack in an app’s pop-up is very similar to creating a widget stack on the home screen: Simply add multiple widgets to the pop-up β€” Niagara Launcher will again automatically offer to create a widget stack.

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