Niagara Pop-Ups & Pop-up Folders

Pop-ups are a more versatile version of folders and help you organizing and tidying up your home screen. They can contain apps, shortcuts, notifications, and even widgets:

App pop-ups

Swipe right on an app to open its pop-up and access their notifications, closely related apps (or any really), and shortcuts. What’s new is that with Niagara Pro, you can add pop-up widgets and get timely information at a glance while keeping your home screen clean. Moreover, a pop-up now shows notifications for all of its contents. Pop-ups are fully customizable, too; you can add any action you want. To do that, long-press the pop-up and tap on Edit pop-up.

Pop-up Folders

Instead of introducing an entirely new system for the highly anticipated folders feature, we’re integrating them with Niagara’s pop-ups and keep everything clean and simple. While pop-ups are primarily a Niagara Pro feature, we also offer basic folders for free.

To add one, long-press one of your favorites > tap  Edit Favorites > Scroll all the way down > tap Create pop-up folder.

With Niagara Pro, you can even move folders to your app list to categorize all your apps. To do that, long-press the folder and tap on Show in app list.

Pop-ups: Free vs. Pro

Free version

  • basic pop-up folders (supports apps and shortcuts like regular launchers)
  • basic app pop-ups (check notifications of an app and launch its shortcuts)

Pro version

  • fully customizable app pop-ups
  • pop-up widgets
  • pop-up folders in the app list
  • expandable notifications for every app listed in the pop-up

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