Niagara Button

The Niagara button is a shortcut to your favorite app, widget, folder, or other action, and is a full replacement for the Google Button. To enable the Niagara button, go to Niagara Launcher's settings > Features > Niagara Button.

Free vs. Pro Tier

The free version lets you assign an app to the button that will launch when you tap on it. In addition, Niagara Pro users can also:

  • assign shortcuts, widgets, and folders
  • utilize the swipe up gesture for a secondary action
  • show their support with the Pro badge

Can I Attach a Pop-Up Folder to the Button?

Sure, as long as you are a Niagara Pro user. To do that, long-press on the button > choose Edit tap action > scroll all the way down and select Create Pop-up folder.

Why can we only utilize one swipe gesture?

We don't want to overload the Niagara button with dozens of gestures. That's because we want to keep everything simple and easy to remember, and only allowing one swipe gesture makes the behavior of the button more consistent with the behavior of app pop-ups. The swipe-up gesture is the easiest one to execute at the bottom right corner. If you want to keep your home screen free of apps, we recommend adding a pop-up to the Niagara button.

Can I launch the Google Discover News Feed with it?

Kind of. You can launch the Google app with it, which displays the same content as the news feed.

Can I revert to the old Google button?

Yes. You can customize the Niagara button to your liking so it mimics the old Google button. However, if you're not a Pro user, you can use the secret command /googlequicksearch to unlock the swipe up to search feature, but it will just launch the Google app. To launch other apps, please unlock Niagara Pro.

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