Niagara Button

We’re testing the Niagara Button, a full replacement of the Google Button to let you perform quick actions on your home screen. In contrast to the Google button that only lets you open Google search, you can launch any browser. Actually, you can even launch any other app or shortcut with it. You can assign the button a tap and a swipe action.

How to beta-test the feature

With v1.2, we’re offering an early preview for Niagara Pro members. When the feature is fully ready, it will also be fully integrated with Niagara’s pop-up system and a subset of its features will also be available to users of the free version.

To replace the Niagara Button with the Google Button, enter the secret command “/niagara button”. (To switch back to the Google Button, just run that command again.)

Can I launch the Google Discover News Feed with it?

Kind of. You can launch the Google app with it, which displays the same content as the news feed.

Can I launch Google Assistant with it?

Yes. To do that, install the official Google Assistant app, and then configure it as the tap or swipe action (The app will be listed as "Assistant").

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