Custom Fonts

In contrast to grid-based launchers, the text also plays an important role in Niagara Launcher’s design. Therefore it only makes sense to also give you the power to customize text appearance. Niagara Pro members can apply any font to your home screen with the latest update — Yes, even everyone’s favorite, Comic Sans.

How to use custom fonts

At first, choose & download a font from the Internet. We recommend Google Fonts and Dafont, both sites offer fonts for free. Font files are either ending with .ttf or .otf; Niagara Launcher supports both of those types. However, if you download a font, it might be put in a ZIP archive (the downloaded file ends with .zip in this case). To extract the font files out of the archive, follow this tutorial from Lifewire.

Next in Niagara Launcher, go to Niagara Settings > Look > Font > Add your own font. Now choose your downloaded font file. That’s it!

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