Themed icons with a consistent look across all apps

Consistent style

All apps use our hand-crafted icons and consistent design language.

Customizable appeal

Choose from various unique and customizable icon packs to create your dream setup.

Fast & effortless

Included in Niagara Pro, you don't need any more purchases or downloads. Anycons supports all apps, so no setup is necessary either.

What makes Anycons unique?

Traditional icon packs can only support some apps since creators cannot design individual icons for, according to Forbes, more than 8 million available apps. This leads to users having to replace icons for some of their lesser-known or local apps by hand or dealing with mismatched icons. You also need to search for an icon pack that fits your vision, which can take a while, and once you have a new idea for a setup, the search and setup begin all over again.

Anycons take a different approach: By designing individual icons for the most used apps, categorizing lesser-known apps, and giving them an icon matching their category, all apps are supported.

Closer Look at the Packs

Most Anycon packs can be customized further and support changing their shape!

The media below only shows one configuration of each pack. To see all customization options, head into Niagara Settings > Look > App icons and select an Anycon pack.

Material is our answer to Android’s themed icons. You can customize its colors, shape, and even line thickness! We also designed our own Material You palette to guarantee the color combinations look great with every wallpaper!

The icons of the Sticker Icon Pack are fun and popping. Choose one of our dreamy gradients, Coral and Opal, make the stickers fit your theme color, or enjoy original app colors with a fresh sticker look.

The Watercolor pack lets you paint your apps in hues matching your home screen or stay true to the original app colors — you’re the artist. Each icon has a unique, hand-painted-looking texture.

Embrace minimalism with Outline and turn your apps into simple yet elegant lines. Choose the line thickness or add an optional slight fill.

The Marble pack gives your home screen a rock-solid look. Pick between the classics, white and black marble, or get creative with the colorful version.

Niagara Dots is now part of Anycons! Don't get distracted by flashy app icons with Dots' minimal app icons adapting to the original app colors.

What’s also special about Anycons is that they are built flexibly, so they are easy to extend — we have many more icon packs planned for release!


Certainly, Anycons isn't flawless yet, and there may still be inaccuracies in categorization. However, much like the Icon Assistant, Anycons’s categorization is continuously learning and improving with each day.

Also, we'd like to hear your suggestions for enhancements and give your favorites the individual icons they deserve. That's why we held the first Anycon Vote some time ago, and we will announce the results soon!

Learn more about how Anycons work

If you are interested in how Anycons work in detail or the story behind them, check out our update video.

If you prefer a written version, check out our Medium post instead: The Anycon Update.

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