Anycons Voting

2024 is the year of voting. Not only will people across the globe elect their next government in at least 64 countries, but they can also vote on which individual app icons we should design next for our Anycon packs ;)

While not as consequential, we want you to have a voice on how we can extend Anycons to improve your and everyone's home screen.

What Do I Vote For?

You vote on what distinct app icons we should design next for the Anycons packs.

Anycon packs already provide distinct app icons for the 250 most popular apps and category-based icons for all other apps.

However, the most popular apps constantly change, and there might be less popular apps that don't fit well into the categories. So we want to ask you: what are the apps for which you would like to see a distinct Anycon icon?

How to Participate

Download Niagara Launcher version 1.11.4, switch to an Anycon pack (excluding Dots), then go to Launcher Settings > Look > App icons > Anycons voting. If you're already using an Anycons pack, you should see a message on your home screen after installing the update.

Voting Timeline

You can vote until March 4, 2024, at 8:00:00 AM (GMT). We might extend the voting period if any issues delay the rollout to Google Play. You don't need to install a beta version from our community to vote; you can also wait for the stable Google Play version.

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