Custom Clock

The clock is one of the most prominent elements on Niagara Launcher's home screen, and you might want to express yourself by customizing it to better suit your setup.

With Niagara Pro, you can select one of six built-in clock styles. These styles were picked to look good together with Niagara's widget, which displays the weather, date and potential calendar events.

Fully custom clocks

If you want to personalize your clock even more, you can replace the clock with a widget of your choice:

  1. Go to the bottom of the all apps list > Niagara settings > Features > Niagara Widget > Add custom widget. 
  2. After choosing your widget, long press on it on your home screen and tap on "Replace clock with widget."
  3. You can also make your own custom clock widget using the app KWGT, for example.

If you want to use a custom widget clock and a regular widget simultaneously, please check out the widget stack feature: Adding multiple widgets.

You can move the position of the clock as well: Move clock.

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