Minimal Weather Widget

We're introducing a 30-minute rain forecast, shorter refresh intervals, and a more extended forecast range with the second iteration of our weather widget. To enable Niagara Launcher's weather widget, long-press on Niagara Launcher's clock > select Weather > Enable.

Current Weather at a glance

Minutely, Hourly, and Daily Forecast

The weather forecast is inbuilt in Niagara's agenda and helps you in planning your day.

The hourly forecast includes the weather conditions for today and the entire next day. Moreover, the daily forecast displays the weather of today and the next seven days. 

Integrated into Niagara’s weather timeline, the 30-minute rain forecast helps you not getting stuck in the rain (or snow) on your way home or during outdoor sports. Note: This feature is supported in most but not all regions. During testing, we noticed that in some regions of Africa, for example, OpenWeather, our weather provider, doesn't provide us minutely forecast data.

Weather FAQ & Troubleshooting

How often does the weather refresh?

In general, every hour. However, the interval is reduced when weather conditions seem unstable or when you check the forecast by opening Niagara Launcher's agenda sheet.

Is there a way to get more weather details like wind speed?

Our goal was to create a super simple and minimal weather widget. However, you can download the official app from our weather provider OpenWeather. The app will automatically open if you long-press on Niagara Launcher's hourly weather forecast.

I can't enter my location manually.

This could be because your device doesn't come with a Geocoder (a program that translates city names to coordinates). However, you can also directly enter your location's coordinates. To do that, search for your cities coordinates, and enter them like this: 41.304 -81.902 (Which stands for 41°304'N 81°902'E). Leave a space between latitude and longitude.

How accurate is the forecast?

We obtain weather forecast data from OpenWeather. Here's what they have written about the accuracy of the data:

Why do I get prompt to enter my location again?

This can happen if you chose current location (as opposed to fixed location) in Niagara Launcher's weather settings and if Niagara Launcher notices that it can't get your location for several days. In that case, make sure to keep location access turned on and check if Niagara Launcher still has permission to request your location. We recommend switching to "fixed location" in Niagara Launcher's weather settings if you don't want that.

Why is there only one weather provider available?

Unlike most weather apps, whose sole purpose is to display the weather, we want to keep the weather widget as simple as possible. This avoids complexity both for the user and us and lets us focus on other launcher features.

Why is there no option to launch a weather app of my choice when tapping on Niagara's forecast widget?

If tapping on it would bring you to another weather app, the data wouldn't necessarily match (because of different forecasting methods), which would be an unpleasant user experience. However, you can download the official app from our weather provider OpenWeather which queries its weather details from the same source as we do. The app will automatically open if you long-press on Niagara Launcher's hourly weather forecast.

Why is the weather widget a pro feature?

That's because we also have to pay our weather provider to get the data. And, of course, there needs to be a worthwhile upgrade to justify the pro subscription.

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