Niagara's Calendar Widget

Niagara Launcher displays upcoming events directly on your home screen. To enable that, long-press on the date, tap on Calendar > Show upcoming events > Enable (requires Niagara Pro). Moreover, you can tap on the date to open your calendar schedule. 

Frequently asked questions

Which calendar apps does Niagara's agenda widget support?

Niagara Launcher does support a large variety of calendar apps. In fact, every calendar that uses Androids Calendar Provider API works in combination with Niagara Launcher (now including Outlook).

How Can I show events from Outlook in Niagara's calendar agenda?

Sure! Open Outlook and navigate to your account settings within Outlook's settings by tapping on your email address. Then, tap on "Sync calendars". This option might not appear if you haven't granted Outlook the calendar permission. To grant outlook the calendar permission, long-press on Outlook in Niagara Launcher, tap on "App info"/the i-icon at the top, and go to Permissions > Calendar > Allow. Afterward, restart the outlook app.

Reminders/Tasks from Google Calendar don't show up.

Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide other apps access to their reminders and tasks via the Android calendar system.

A few calendar events are not showing up.

Calendar apps don't necessarily make changes to your calendar available to other apps immediately. Here are some steps that might help:

  • If you're using Google Calendar, open Google Calendar and tap on the three dots on the top right and then on Refresh. Other calendar apps should provide a similar way to open refresh your calendar. 
  • Restart your device, open your calendar app afterward and repeat the first step
  • If the events were added recently, wait a few hours
  • Clear the data of your calendar app (if the previous steps didn't help)

If that doesn't work either, please check if the events show up in third-party calendar widgets like " Another Widget." If the widget shows calendar events, Niagara Launcher does not show, please contact us about this problem ( If not, please contact the developers of your calendar app.

How can I set which calendar app opens when tapping on a calendar event?

Android lets you set you a default app that opens every time you tap on an event. To change your default app, long press on the current app, which is set as default, tap on the "i" on the top right, and scroll down to "Open by default." Then select "clear defaults," and Android will ask you again which app you want to open when tapping on the date.

I want to filter out some calendar events.

That's possible with Niagara Pro: Niagara Settings > Features > Niagara widget > Calendar > Filter events.

How can I show my contacts' birthdays?

If you entered the birthdays for your contacts, Google Calendar automatically adds calendar events for them. However, sometimes they do not show up. We're explaining how to fix this if you're using Google calendar, but other calendar apps might behave in a similar manner. First, make sure Google Calendar has access to your contacts. For that, long-press on Google Calendar in Niagara Launcher, tap on App info > Permissions > Contacts > Allow. Then, open Google Calendar and make sure that your contact's birthdays are shown there. If birthdays are shown in your calendar app but not in Niagara Launcher do the following: In Google Calendar, tap on the three lines menu icon at the top left and scroll down the menu that opens. Here, uncheck Birthdays and then check it again. Finally, in the same menu, tap on Refresh.

I want to open my calendar app directly when tapping on the date.

You can disable Niagara's calendar agenda that will open up when tapping on the date below your favorites. To do that, enter the secret command " /legacycalendar" (entering it a second time will toggle the legacy mode off again). Here's how to execute secret commands. To access Niagara's weather forecast, you can hold on to the date that will now open your agenda & weather forecast. If you don't want to see your calendar events there and also not the reminder that you can see them there, deny Niagara Launcher the calendar permission and tap on "don't ask again" or "deny forever" when asked.

Why is there no option to disable all-day events?

For simplicity, Niagara Launcher's widget always shows you the same calendar events as Niagara's calendar agenda sheet. However, the widget prioritizes non-all-day events. If you don't want to see all-day events in Niagara's calendar widget, we recommend putting them in another sub-calendar and filter it out via Niagara's calendar settings > Filter events.

Tapping on a calendar event shows an error.

This is a known issue with Outlook. We believe Outlook causes this issue because we also can't open its calendar events with other calendar widget apps (e.g., Another Widget). If there's an app that can forward you to Outlook from an event, please let us know. To work around the issue, you can install another calendar app (e.g., Google Calendar) and open and edit Outlooks events with it instead.

Does Niagara's widget support work profile calendar events?

No, but we're planning to support them:

I deleted an event but it still shows on Niagara's agenda

This is unlikely to be caused by Niagara Launcher but by a sync issue with your calendar app and Android's shared calendar storage. To fix this please follow this guide.

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