Double Tap to Sleep

❕ This feature requires Niagara Pro and a phone that runs at least Android 9. We're also offering a workaround for older phones that are rooted; you can read more about it  here.

This feature lets you turn off the screen quickly by double-tapping on the alphabet (or on the screen's left side).

To enable the quick-lock gesture, go to Niagara Launcher’s settings > Features > Quick lock gesture.

How to enable the accessibility service?

Open Android's settings > Accessibility. Niagara Launcher's accessibility service is listed here or in a submenu (which could be named "installed services" or similar). Tap on this option (it should be named  "Niagara Launcher") and turn it on.

I cannot enable the accessibility service

If you get the error message "Restricted setting" when you try to turn on Niagara Launcher's accessibility settings, follow this guide.

Enabling the service causes a button to appear. How to turn it off?

Here's how.

Why does the gesture only work on the alphabet?

If you could also double-tap on the home screen or app list to lock the screen, every app launch would take longer. That's because Niagara Launcher would have to wait a bit after you tap on an app to check if you're doing a single-tap or double-tap gesture

Unlocking after double-tapping to sleep leads to all apps list

If you lock your phone by double tapping the alphabet and unlock the phone immediately (< 3 seconds), Niagara Launcher returns you to the last position (app list) instead of the main home screen. This is intentional and saves you time if you accidentally lock the phone.

It's the same behavior as described in Pressing home doesn't show favorites.

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