Pressing home doesn't show favorites

Suppose you launch an app list but return to Niagara Launcher immediately afterward (< 3 seconds). In that case, Niagara Launcher returns you to the last position on the app list instead of the main home screen. This is intentional and saves you time when you accidentally tap on the wrong app.

For the same reason, Niagara Launcher keeps you on the app list if you turn off your phone screen and turn it on again immediately after (e.g., by pressing the power button or using Niagara Launcher's double tap to sleep feature).

Pressing home does not open app search

Pressing home multiple times in fast succession will behave similarly. When you go from the all-apps list to your favorites by quickly pressing home multiple times (within ~1 second), Niagara will only take you to your favorites and not open the app search immediately, which is the default behavior when pressing home on your favorites screen.

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