Restricted Settings Permission Issue


You can't grant Niagara Launcher notifications access or enable Niagara Launcher's accessibility service. This is likely because you sideloaded Niagara Launcher (i.e., you didn't install/update it from an app store like Google Play) on Android 13 or a more recent Android version. Android 13+ assumes that apps not distributed from curated stores are often from shady websites and could thus be malicious. That's why it is harder to grant those apps permissions. 

So, first of all, please make sure that you install Niagara Launcher from one of our official sources or a website you trust. Granting the notification or accessibility permission to a modified version of Niagara Launcher can be dangerous. If you are sure your version of Niagara Launcher is legitimate, follow these steps:


Here's how to remove the restriction:

  1. Go to the setting where Niagara Launcher shows you the restricted settings dialog. But this time, tap on I have read the article instead of Read article. Now, Android's settings will open. On this screen, try to flip the switch to enable the setting you want to turn on (either allowing Niagara Launcher notification access or enabling Niagara Launcher's accessibility service). If you can turn the setting on, you're already done. If Android shows you a dialog reading Restricted setting, continue with the next step. 
  2. Open Android's settings > Apps > See all apps > search for Niagara Launcher and open the result. This will open the App info page for Niagara Launcher. ⚠️It's vital that you navigate to the App info settings this way. Navigating to the App info settings via Niagara settings > Advanced > App info will never show the three-dots menu in the upper right corner and thus will not work.
  3. In the App info settings, check if there is a three-dots icon on the top right. If it is visible, tap on it and choose Allow restricted settings. ⚠️ If there are no three dots on the top-right of the App info settings screen, you might not have opened the Restricted setting dialog yet (see the first step). Android only shows Allow restricted settings if you have at least seen the dialog once.
  4. Now, you can grant Niagara Launcher notifications access and enable Niagara Launcher's accessibility service. When Niagara Launcher shows you the restricted settings dialog again, tap on I have read the article instead of Read article, and Niagara Launcher will forward you to the appropriate settings to grant notifications access or enable Niagara Launcher's accessibility service.
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