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How to purchase Niagara Pro?

Open Niagara Launcher and scroll to the end of your app list. Then, tap on  Niagara Pro.

I Can't complete the purchase

πŸ“ Note: Due to sanctions, we still cannot offer Niagara Pro in Russia. 
Please follow this guide from Google: Fix payment issues on your account

Niagara Pro purchase is not recognized anymore

Please follow this guide: Lost access to Niagara Pro

I want to cancel my Niagara Pro subscription

You can do that anytime. Here's how to do it: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play. When you cancel your subscription, you'll still be able to use Niagara Pro for the time you've already paid.

I want to refund Niagara Pro

We are very sorry that Niagara Pro is not yours. You can issue a refund by contacting us at Please let us know why you want to leave Niagara Launcher and attach your purchase's order number; here's how: Looking up Your Order Number. Once the refund has gone through, you'll receive your money back and lose access to Niagara Pro. Note: Google does not let us issue refunds for purchases that are older than one year (source).

Can I use Niagara Pro on multiple devices?

Yes, but only if you log in on Google Play with the same account you used to purchase Niagara Pro.
Niagara Pro cannot be added to your family library because it is not possible for in-app purchases in general.

Can I transfer Niagara Pro to another account?

Not directly, but we may be able to help; please contact us at

Can I purchase Niagara Pro without Google Play?

Please follow this guide: Niagara Pro Without Google Services

Why are you not doing any discounts?

Every now and then, we extend our free trial. However, we have never decreased our prices of Niagara Pro and are not planning to do so (except for pricing adjustments in countries with low-income rates). Quite the contrary is the case: We're slowly increasing the prices as our app matures. This business model rewards users who support us early in development. 

I got an email my subscription is going to run out even though I have the Lifetime version

You probably upgraded from the subscription to Niagara Pro Lifetime. Don't worry if you received an email from Google Play that your subscription is about to expire. Google Play doesn't know that Niagara Pro Lifetime unlocks the same content and that this warning isn't necessary. As long as you purchased Niagara Pro Lifetime, you still have access to all Niagara Pro features after the subscription expires - forever. 

I want to upgrade from a Niagara Pro subscription to Niagara Pro Lifetime

First, cancel your current subscription. Afterward, you can select the lifetime option on Niagara Pro's purchase screen.
⚠️ November 2022: A bug in Niagara Launcher v1.8.4 prevents you from doing this yourself. We fixed this with v1.8.5. Please check if Google Play offers you an update for Niagara Launcher by clicking here. If you don't have v1.8.5 yet, Google Play shows you a green update button; please tap it. If the green button reads "open" instead, you already have installed v1.8.5.

I have further questions

Please contact us at To better assist you, please attach your order number if you have purchased Niagara Pro. Here's how you can find it: Looking up Your Order Number

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