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How to purchase Niagara Pro?

To purchase Niagara Pro, open Niagara Launcher and scroll to the end of your app list. Then, tap on Niagara Pro.

I can't complete the purchase

Please check out this page: I cannot purchase Niagara Pro.

Niagara Pro purchase is not recognized anymore

If you've lost access to Niagara Pro, please follow this guide: Lost access to Niagara Pro.

I want to cancel my Niagara Pro subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Here's how: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play. Even after canceling your subscription, you can still use Niagara Pro for the time you've already paid for.

I would like to have a refund for Niagara Pro

We apologize that Niagara Pro didn't meet your needs. If you'd like a refund, please contact us at and provide your order number along with the reason for your request. Here's how to find your order number: Looking up Your Order Number. Once the refund has gone through, you'll receive your money back via the payment method you used and lose access to Niagara Pro.

Can I use Niagara Pro on multiple devices?

You can use Niagara Pro on up to three of your devices with our Niagara ID account system. Adding a fourth device to your account will replace the oldest one. Follow this guide to link an email to your account.

Can I transfer Niagara Pro to another Google Play account?

Yes, you can transfer Niagara Pro by following the above question and answer.

Can I purchase Niagara Pro without Google Play?

Yes, please follow this guide: Niagara Pro Without Google Services

Why are you not offering any discounts?

Occasionally, we extend our free trial, but we do not plan to decrease the price of Niagara Pro, except for pricing adjustments in countries with low-income rates. In fact, as our app matures, we are gradually increasing the prices for new users. This business model rewards users who support us early in development. Note that price changes do not impact the price for existing subscriptions.

I got an email saying my subscription will run out even though I have the Lifetime version

If you upgraded to Niagara Pro Lifetime from a subscription, you might receive an email from Google Play that your subscription is about to expire. However, this warning is unnecessary, as Niagara Pro Lifetime unlocks the same content. As long as you purchased Niagara Pro Lifetime, you will continue to have access to all Niagara Pro features after the subscription expires.

I want to upgrade from a Niagara Pro subscription to Niagara Pro Lifetime

To upgrade to Niagara Pro Lifetime, cancel your current subscription. Afterward, the option to purchase Niagara Pro Lifetime can be found on Niagara Pro's purchase screen.

Manage active subscription

You can manage your currently active subscription as follows. Go to the bottom of the all-apps list > Niagara Settings > Niagara Pro > Manage membership.

You can change your payment method, pause your subscription, cancel it, and check when it runs out.

Please note that you will not see the above option if you do not have a running subscription or have Niagara Pro's lifetime version.

See also: How to manage a Google Play subscription

I have further questions

Please get in touch with us at To better assist you, please provide your order number if you have purchased Niagara Pro. Here's how you can find it: Looking up Your Order Number

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