Purchase Help

I Can't complete the purchase

Please follow this guide: Fix payment issues on your account

Niagara Pro purchase not recognized anymore

Please follow this guide: Lost access to Niagara Pro

Can I use Niagara Pro on multiple devices?

Yes, but only if you log in on Google Play with the same account that you used to purchase Niagara Pro.
Niagara Pro cannot be added to your family library, because that is not possible for in-app-purchases in general.

Can I transfer the purchase to another account?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible.

How to purchase Niagara Pro?

Open Niagara Launcher and scroll to the end of your app list. Then, tap on Niagara Pro

Can I purchase Niagara Launcher without Google Play?

Some devices don't come with Google Play Services and Google Play. Niagara Launcher needs them to verify your purchase. You could try MicroG to install a similar but open-source service. (Use at your own risk.)

I want to cancel my Subscription

You can do that anytime. Here's how to do it: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play. When you cancel your subscription, you’ll still be able to use Niagara Pro for the time you’ve already paid.

I want to upgrade from subscription to lifetime version

First, cancel your current subscription. Afterward, you can select the lifetime option on Niagara Pro's purchase screen.

I want a refund

We are very sorry, that Niagara Pro is not yours. You can issue a refund by contacting us at niagaralauncher@gmail.com. Please let us know why you want to leave Niagara Launcher. 

I have further questions

Please contact us at niagaralauncher@gmail.com. To better assist you, please attach your order number if you have purchased Niagara Pro. Here's how you can find it: Looking up Your Order Number

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