How to Backup Your Purchase

With Niagara Launcher version 1.8 (released in November 2022) and onwards, we allow adding your email to your purchase to let accessing Niagara Launcher on your other devices and make recovering your purchase easier in case you switch phones. 

How Can I Back up My Purchase on My Old Device?

Go to the Niagara Settings > Niagara Pro > Manage membership > Add email > Enter your email. Then, we'll send you an email to ensure you're the email address's owner.

How Can I Restore My Purchase on My New Device?

First, you'll need to back up your purchase on your old device (see the previous paragraph). Then, tap on Niagara Pro, as you would purchase Niagara Pro again. Here, you can tap on Restore membership, and you'll be prompted to enter the email you added to your membership.

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