Niagara Pro Without Google Services

[Note: If Google Play is installed on your device, but Niagara Launcher shows a message that it couldn't connect to Google Play services, a device restart might fix this issue.]

Some devices don't come with Google Play Services and Google Play. Niagara Launcher needs them to verify your purchase. You could try MicroG to install a similar but open-source service. Please check out this guide on how to do in-app purchases with MicroG. (Use at your own risk.)

We're planning on letting you buy the app via another store or via our website but we have to first estimate the costs involved and check if that's compatible with Google Plays policies. Moreover, we have to design a user account system, search for a payment provider, and comply with tax policies from around the world. That's why this can take a while until the alternative unlock method will be available.

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