Missing Customization Features

One of Niagara Launcher's main goals is to stay simple. That's why we're not implementing all requested customization features. You can read more about Niagara Launcher's design principles here: Niagara's Design Principles.

Customization Features That Won't be Added (soon):

Customizing Accent Color or Text Color  

Niagara Launcher automatically chooses its accent color, which is used for tinting the app list's search button, for example, based on your wallpaper. In our opinion, that gives you enough freedom to play around with. Moreover, customizing the text color isn't impactful enough.

Multiple Columns / Grid Layout

The list is one of Niagara Launcher's most fundamental design elements. Adding an alternative grid mode for favorites and all apps would add way too much complexity to Niagara Launcher. Every feature would have to work for lists and grids, and we couldn't only focus on the list design anymore.

Center or Right Align List

We're not planning on adding different alignment modes for Niagara Launcher's app list because we think that the left aligned is already sufficient for both left and right-handers. Furthermore, new alignment options would mean designing additional layouts for every new feature that changes something on the home screen, which slows down development.

Customizable Niagara Clock Widget

To keep things simple and ensure the clock widget looks good in combination with Niagara Launcher's other inbuilt widget (like the date, weather, and calendar widget), we decided not to make our clock widget customizable. However, you can replace the clock with a widget of your choice; here's how

Add toggle to move media widget to the bottom

If we add an option to move Niagara's widget to the bottom, it would still make it hard to reach your favorites at the top. If you're having difficulties in reaching anything on Niagara's home screen, we recommend moving the Niagara widget (and with it the whole list) further down (Niagara Settings > Features > Niagara Widget > Move widget). Moreover, for the sake of simplicity, we'd like to add as few toggles as possible.

Supporting Dynamic Calendar / Clock Icons

 This is not really a customization feature, but we want to mention it here nevertheless. We don't have anything against supporting it, but it's a very low priority because this is a redundant feature. Niagara's home widget already shows the date (along with the day of week and month) and time.

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