Tips & Resources for Icon Pack Developers

This document provides help and resources for icon pack developers.

Download & Play Around With Niagara Launcher's App Icon

If you're an icon pack developer, you can use and modify Niagara Launcher's assets for your icon pack app to display them when referencing Niagara Launcher. By using the Niagara Launcher brand assets and resources on this site, you agree to follow the Niagara Launcher Brand Guidelines.

🔽 Click here to download Niagara Launchers brand assets, including a .png and .svg version of the logo. Tip: Don't manually center the blue N inside the circle; otherwise, it will look off-centered (even though it is, mathematically speaking, centered).

Adding Icons for the Buttons at the Bottom of the App List

You can set custom icons for all buttons at the bottom of Niagara Launcher's app list. They behave just like app icons and have the following IDs you need for your appfilter.xml file:


Transparent Screenshots: Create Pixel-Perfect Promotional Assets 

We're providing a tool in Niagara Launcher to let you create a screenshot of your home screen setup but without your wallpaper (you'll get a .png with transparent background). You can then edit the image (e.g., with Photoshop) and create stunning promotional assets (e.g., when showcasing new icons or taking screenshots for your Google Play Store listing). We use this tool in our Medium posts to showcase new features:

Here's a guide on how to use it:

Moreover, the following settings let you hide everything except your app icons and app names:

  • Look > enable Hide status bar
  • Look > enable Hide alphabet
  • Features > Niagara widget > disable Show clock
  • Features > Niagara widget > Calendar > disable Show date

Quickly Let Your Users Apply Your Icon Pack

The following explains how to set the icon pack of Niagara Launcher programmatically.

If your icon pack app is a fork of Blueprint, you won't have to do anything. If you aren't using Blueprint, you can set the icon pack of Niagara Launcher with just a few lines of code:

val intent = Intent("bitpit.launcher.APPLY_ICONS")
intent.putExtra("packageName", packageName)
intent.flags = Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK
try {
} catch (e: ActivityNotFoundException) {
    // Open Google Play to let the user install Niagara Launcher
    // with the following url:

For more details, you can also take a look at how Blueprint sets the icon pack for Niagara Launcher; here is the relevant commit.

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