Backup Settings

Known Limitations

⚠️ We're currently using Google's Backup implementation, which has turned out to be unreliable. If you switch to a new phone and get asked how you want to restore your data, connect your new phone to your old phone via cable. This method restores the most data but still does not always work.

If you switch to your new phone and Niagara Launcher's settings aren't restored, uninstalling and reinstalling it from Google Play might fix the issue.

You can also back up your data with the third-party app Swift Backup. Note that this app is tailored for experienced Android users and requires root privileges (also works with Shizuku). We're not affiliated with the developers of Swift Backup in any way.

We're currently working on our own backups, which will be more reliable than Google's. Here's the corresponding GitHub thread.

Current backup functionality

Niagara Launcher backs up all its settings. The backup procedure works automatically and uses Android's backup system, which regularly uploads your app's data to your Google Drive Cloud. Here's more info on how that works. This makes switching phones and ROMs a breeze. After restoring Android's backup on your new phone, Niagara Launcher will restore your favorites.

Furthermore, Niagara Launcher keeps your configuration data of uninstalled apps for a few weeks (e.g., custom name, icon & usage data for Niagara's app suggestion system) to let you perform reinstalls without a hassle.

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