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Pop-ups are a more versatile version of folders and help you organize and tidy up your home screen. They can contain apps, shortcuts, notifications, and even widgets.

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How we track requests

We track feature requests and bug reports on GitHub. However, we have decided to mention important GitHub issues here briefly.

On this page, you will find common feature requests and our stance on them in a condensed form. On GitHub, we mirror this article without our thoughts: [Collection] Pop-ups/Folders.

Also, we categorize these requests for our and our users' convenience:

  • ✅ Added
  • 🚧 Currently being worked on
  • 📝 Planned
  • 💬 In discussion
  • ❌ Not planned

Common feature requests

📝 Category / Automatic folders

A common use case for pop-up folders is to group similar apps. Similar apps often belong to the same category, like Fitness or Games. It would be great to allow the creation of folders that automatically update their contents so they contain all apps of a certain category. That way, manually editing the folder becomes redundant, and using it becomes more comfortable.

A major issue we are facing in this is how to categorize apps, since it is a complex issue to solve.

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💬 Automatically hide apps contained within a folder (Exclusive folders)

Some users prefer to organize their apps using pop-ups/folders and wish to avoid having their already sorted apps visible in the all-apps list. Another good reason for this is when you want to use a folder to bundle not-often-used apps, like your entire game collection. You might use some of the entries frequently but do not want all of them to clutter the all-apps list.

While we think this is a good idea, we are unsure whether the complexity that comes with it is worth it.

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📝 Better creation flow

We are aware that customizing a pop-up folder's appearance and setting it up is cumbersome at the moment. We plan on adding more customization options (color selection for the folder icon) and making it more straightforward to create a folder, give it an icon and name, and define its content.

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❌ Sort folders into the alphabetical all-apps list

We believe an option for whether to include folders in the app list or show them in their own section does not warrant the added complexity of an additional toggle.

Please also refer to Niagara's Design Principles.

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