Our Color System

We reworked our color system in Niagara Launcher v1.10, released in November 2023. This article assumes you're already at least on that version.

Can I customize the Accent Color?

Yes! To change it, go to Niagara's Settings > Look > Theme color.

How does Niagara Launcher's theming system work?

Almost every part of our interface dynamically adapts colors from your wallpaper to give you a personalized and cohesive home screen.

Does Niagara Launcher incorporate Material You?

Yes, Niagara Launcher also derives its colors from Android's dynamic Material You color palette. In fact, we backported the Material You color palettes to all our supported Android versions so everyone can enjoy Material You. 

However, the Material You palette is not always based on your wallpaper. Your device manufacturer can freely choose the colors of the Material You palette. On Samsung devices, for example, the Material You palette consists by default only of shades of blue, no matter what wallpaper you have applied.

We want the colors to harmonize with the wallpaper by default. That's why we only pick a color from the Material You palette as our theme color if the color is one of the most dominant wallpaper colors. Otherwise, we generate our own palette that is based on your wallpaper's colors.

Changing the wallpaper doesn't instantly update Niagara Launcher's color scheme

Android does not necessarily apply the new Material You scheme instantly because applying it forces all open apps to refresh. That's why on Android 12L and above, Android waits until you turn your screen off and on again.

My Live Wallpaper changes, but Niagara Launcher's colors do not.

Please refer to this article.

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