Recent Apps Screen & Gesture Navigation Issues

Different variants of Android's recent apps screen.

What if Android's recent apps screen behaves differently compared to the preinstalled Launcher.

If there are any issues on Android's recent apps screen (the screen where you see all opened apps), unfortunately, we cannot solve them because third-party launchers cannot provide their own recent apps screen. However, a device restart might fix the issue.

Gesture navigation and Android's recent apps screen are always controlled by a submodule of the preinstalled launcher, not by third-party launchers (like Niagara Launcher). As a result, they may behave differently in combination with third-party launchers than with your preinstalled launcher because two apps are responsible for the home screen and navigation.

You can also install another third-party launcher (e.g., Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher) and you'll notice that they're running into the same issues as Niagara Launcher.

The same also applies to Android's gesture navigation system.

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