Privacy Policy Summary

Disclaimer: This summary is not a part of the Privacy Policy and is not a legal document. It is simply a handy reference for understanding the full Privacy Policy. Think of it as the user-friendly interface to our Privacy Policy (which you can find here).

We only collect data to improve the app & for public statistics. We're selling Niagara Pro and not your data. You can also disable data collection through  Niagara settings > Advanced Error & usage reporting.

Location data

Used for the weather: If you enable Niagara's weather widget, we send your location to our server and forward it anonymized (approximated to ~ five km² sized areas) to our weather provider OpenWeather Ltd. We cache that weather data for performance and economic reasons and return the weather data to your device. We don't link the location to your "identity" in any way and even scramble our logging timestamps to prevent the possibility of linking the data through timestamps.

Used for Firebase: Firebase Analytics, Google's analytics service we employ, uses approximate location most likely based on your device's IP address (and not the location you entered for Niagara's weather widget) to visualize on a map in which countries our app is used the most. That is very insightful for planning localization.

Firebase Analytics

We're using a tool called Firebase Analytics by Google, which helps us receiving crash reports and statistics on how often particular features are being used. To give an example, we saw that many users never opened our settings once, probably because they were a bit hidden. We now also show them when long-pressing an app, which significantly improved our settings open rate.

The most popular launchers like  Nova LauncherMicrosoft Launcher, or Smart Launcher, for example, use Firebase, the same analytics software as we do (according to - almost every popular app does that as well). They track very similar data as we do - you can read more about what Firebase tracks automatically and why it does that here:

App IDs

We solely log IDs (as known as package names) of installed apps to power our features. Currently, app IDs are only sent if you're applying an icon from an icon pack to a single app. We receive the icon pack's ID, the ID of the app you changed the icon from, and the new icon's app ID. We're using this data to work on a feature that automatically suggests app icons if you're changing single app icons manually. App IDs are getting anonymized, which means process/keep them independent from anything that could identify individual people. Moreover, we do not log IDs of shortcuts or widgets.


That is the data we store on your device. For example, Firebase saves an ID, which gets attached to crash reports. We can now also see how many devices the app crashes. Ten crashes on one device might be caused by an edge case that doesn't go away after restarting the launcher. In contrast, ten crashes on ten different devices might be a crash with higher probability but don't seem to reoccur frequently. 

If you uninstall our app, all of Niagara Launcher's "Cookies" are gone as well.

Our Server

We store that and other data securely on our virtual private server hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH in Germany and don't sell any data. Only two people in our team have access to the server and the database.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to write us a mail at

Digital Wellbeing Initiative

For data related to our Digital Wellbeing Initiative (disabled by default), we offer a dedicated article that goes into every detail of what we collect, you can find it here

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