Foldable Device Support

We're one of the few launchers that strive to provide a great experience on foldable phones. We're extensively testing our launcher on foldable devices like the Galaxy Fold 3, Galaxy Fold 4, and the Pixel Fold once it arrives.

Distinctive Features for Foldable Phones

Adaptive Layout

Niagara Launcher stands out with its non-grid-based interface, allowing for effortless app rearrangement on foldable phones. Recognizing that wider screens are often held with two hands and farther away from the eyes, our launcher splits the app list into two sections. Additionally, we strategically position the app list and alphabet further away from the screen edges while slightly increasing their size. This design ensures that all elements remain easily accessible without requiring uncomfortable finger movements or bending. Furthermore, our algorithms intelligently adjust the position of the alphabet and app list based on the screen height of your device.

Two-Column Widget Stacks for Tablets and Foldables

Since most widgets are built with phones in portrait orientation in mind, they often look a bit silly when viewed on wide devices or in landscape mode.

To counteract this, the home screen widget stack also supports the two-column layout we’ve introduced for tablets and foldables and displays two widgets side by side whenever this layout is active.

You can switch between one and two-column widget stacks by long-pressing the widget stack and tapping on "two-column widgets". The option only shows up on wide screens (e.g. on a tablet or an unfolded Foldable device).

Keyboard + Mouse Support

Recognizing that many users leverage larger screens for increased productivity, Niagara Launcher supports hardware keyboards, mice, and styluses. Additionally, we provide convenient keyboard shortcuts to streamline your navigation and interaction within the launcher. For a comprehensive list of supported shortcuts, please refer to our guide on Mouse and Keyboard Support.

Dynamic Icon Scaling

To ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly experience across all screen sizes, Niagara Launcher dynamically scales the home screen and pop-up icons based on your device's current screen height. This adaptive approach guarantees that icons are optimally sized for easy tapping, regardless of the dimensions of your foldable phone.

App Continuity

When unfolding your foldable or rotating your screen, you can seamlessly continue where you left off in Niagara Launcher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Deactivate the Two-Column Layout?

Yes; if you prefer the one-column layout, navigate to Niagara's settings, select Features, and toggle off the Enable two-column layout option. This toggle is only present on foldable devices or devices with larger screens.

I Cannot Enable the Two-Column Layout

If you're having trouble enabling the two-column layout in portrait mode, it could be because your device doesn't have a wide enough screen. This feature is only supported on tablets and inner screens of foldable devices. However, if you do have a compatible device and the layout still isn't activating, you might have increased the display size in Android's settings. To decrease it back to normal, simply navigate to Android's settings and look for the "Screen size" or similarly named setting. On Samsung devices, you can access this option under Android's settings > Display > Screen layout and zoom > Multi view.

Why can't I use the Taskbar of the Galaxy Z Fold series?

Please see this article.

Can I use Niagara Launcher when my device is folded and another one when it's unfolded?

Yes, you can achieve this with the help of Tasker. One of our members shared a tasker script on Reddit that does the trick; thank you, u/konga056168! Please note that Tasker is a paid app, and we are not affiliated with its developers. You can download Tasker through Google Play. With this script, you may not be able to use Niagara Launcher as your default launcher, and the app displays a "Set Niagara Launcher as default prompt." To disable the prompt, enter the following secret command/suppress set launcher prompt or tap on the following link to have it entered for you: Enter the command a second time to enable the set as default launcher prompt again.

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