Foldable Taskbar Not working

Why can't I use the Taskbar of the Galaxy Z Fold series?

Unfortunately, Samsung decided to disable their taskbar when using a third-party launcher [Source]. We already contacted Samsung about this, and they told us they have no plans to support the dock for third-party launchers right now. Here's the response from Samsung:
[The] Taskbar is not currently supported when using the 3rd launcher due to the following reasons:
  • Favorites on the taskbar are basically [the] same as Favorites at the bottom of the home screen (Home screen Hotseat)  in the OneUI Home launcher.
  • Editing the favorites can be done on the Home screen Hotseat.
  • In order to use the taskbar feature normally, it is recommended to use the default launcher as our OneUI Home launcher.
Under the current policy, there are no plans to support taskbar functionality for 3rd party launchers.
The reasons they state are somewhat incomprehensible for us since the taskbar from stock Android 12L works with all launchers. It shows the most used apps, like Samsung does in the recent apps screen. We suggest reaching out to Samsung and making your voice heard since they are the only ones who can do something about this matter.
We understand this is probably not the answer you hoped for; admittedly, we're also quite bummed since we worked hard to optimize our launcher for foldable devices. Hopefully, you can still stick with Niagara even with this limitation.

Why can't I use the Taskbar on The OnePlus Open / OPPO Find N3?

Samsung isn't the only manufacturer that disabled the toolbar for third-party launchers: The foldables from the OnePlus and OPPO Find N3 only show the toolbar on the preinstalled launcher. We'll update the article if we receive a statement from OnePlus or OPPO or if the situation changes.

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