Password-Protection for Apps

Why doesn't Niagara Launcher offer password-protecting apps? 

Niagara Launcher does not provide a way to lock apps because non-system launchers cannot hide and lock apps entirely (without root permissions); e.g., they still appear in Android's settings, and you can launch them with another launcher. A password lock option adds only a pseudo layer of security on third-party launchers. 

I want to hand my phone to a friend, but they should only have access to one app; what should I do?

There's an Android feature that exactly does that; please take a look at

Is there any workaround to protect my apps?

Yes, you can set up a second user profile on your smartphone, move all the apps you want to password-protect to that profile, and set up a pin for the profile.

Option 1: Add a Separate User Profile

Each separate user profile has a personal space on your phone for custom home screens, accounts, apps, settings, and more.  

Please follow this guide from Google to learn how to create one.

Option 2: Add a Shared User Profile

Shared user profiles are more intertwined. For example, you can access both users' apps from the same home screen. However, each profile still separates some of your data, for example, your contact list. Setting up a shared user profile requires the help of third-party apps. We recommend setting up your profile via Island

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