Dual Apps

Some of you may be using Dual-App for some of your apps. Dual-App is used for using different accounts for the same app. A popular example of this would be having two separate instances of WhatsApp on a dual-sim device. This feature is available on some default launchers like Samsung's and Xiaomi's.

There seem to be some issues with using Dual-App and Niagara, but we are not sure if Niagara causes that.
Therefore we would ask you to try this feature with different third-party launchers (like Nova Launcher, for example) to see if it works with those.
There are also apps for using the Dual-App feature without the default implementation found in first-party launchers. An example of this would be Parallel Space. Please try one of those apps as an alternative, should the native version not work with third-party launchers.

We take no liability for using and installing the apps, other software, and websites we link or reference in our articles. Please check if these are trustworthy yourself.

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