Dual/Parallel App Support

What are Dual-Apps?

Dual-Apps (also called parallel apps, app cloning, or dual messenger) is a feature that lets you install the same app twice, so you can use log in on the same app with two different accounts (e.g., having two separate instances of WhatsApp on a dual-sim device).

Why do Dual Apps not show up in Niagara Launcher?

Some phone manufacturers (e.g., Xiaomi) didn't follow Android's multi-user API and only added limited support for third-party launchers like Niagara Launcher. For example, the cloned app shows as a separate app on the default launcher but not on a third-party launcher. 

Is there a workaround?

Fortunately, yes! There are several third-party apps that let you clone apps that also use follow Android's multi-user API. Examples would be Island and Parallel Space. Please try one of those apps as an alternative, should the native version not work with third-party launchers. Note: We take no liability for using and installing the apps, other software, and websites we link or reference in our articles. Please check if these are trustworthy yourself.

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