How To Request a Feature / Report a Bug

1. Thanks for helping!

First of all, thank you for your interest and support :) We have a couple of guidelines for requesting a feature / reporting a bug; please read them before submitting one. If you're reporting a bug, you can skip steps 2 and 3.

2. We probably reject your feature request.

It's not that we don't care about improving the launcher or want to be mean. Our topmost priority is to keep Niagara Launcher simple, even if that means sacrificing a bit of customizability or even functionality; you can read why we do that here. We also don't want to set false expectations of what we're planning to add. Please be prepared that we reject your idea - most likely not because it's bad but because too many features can ruin an app (in our opinion).

That's also why a new feature for Niagara Launcher has to be…

  • Simple: Easy to configure and easy to use. As few settings & toggles as possible.
  • Impactful:  Either appealing for many or necessary for some.
  • Universal: Has to work everywhere: in every country, on all phones.
  • Independent: It doesn't add complexity if it's not being used.

3. We're not planning to add further customization options.

This request category refers to features that optionally change the appearance (e.g., color, position, alignment, size, or margins) of UI elements for aesthetic reasons.

We try to balance simplicity and customizability and already added many customization options (you can find most of them in the Look category of Niagara's settings). We're currently focusing more on features that improve the user's efficiency and productivity.

4. Check if the idea/bug has already been requested/reported.

We created articles for the most popular feature requests on our knowledge base. Please read each headline of these articles to make sure you're not submitting a duplicate.

5. Ask in our community or via mail first

Our community can often give you an immediate answer to your questions, and our moderators have a good sense of features likely to be implemented.

6. Submit a ticket on GitHub

We're using GitHub as a public issue tracker for Niagara Launcher. For each request/bug report, you can submit an issue (think of it as a thread or ticket) where our community and we can comment on.


  • The tracker is not meant to be used for urgent matters (it can take several weeks until you get a response on GitHub); please refer to our communities/mail for that instead.
  • Every issue should have exactly one bug/feature request described in it. Please do not group several requests into one issue. 
  • If you don't want to create a GitHub account to submit an issue, you can also ask our community to have the request submitted for you.
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