Folders & Swipe Actions

We're experimenting with an alternative to folders. The feature is not fully functional yet, but you can already play around with it: Swipe actions.

Since the beginning of Niagara Launcher, you can access shortcuts & notifications of apps just by swiping on them (to the right). Now you can customize the pop-up. Swipe right on your camera to open your image gallery, bundle all your messengers together, and declutter your favorites. To assign swipe actions, swipe on an app, and press the edit icon on the top right (Note: requires Niagara Pro).

Do swipe actions work like folders?

To a certain degree, yes. However, these categories are always attached to an app. As of now, you cannot add “standalone folders.” Moreover, swipe actions are not meant to group your app list, but we’re already working on a solution. Nevertheless, swipe actions do have great potential, in my opinion. They fit perfectly into Niagara Launcher’s design language and are easy to use. I can imagine they would work even better if similar apps add themselves to each other’s swipe action pop up to reduce setup time. As you can see, this feature is still in its early stages, but I didn’t want to let you wait any further.

Can folder icons be added to the home screen?

Not yet, but we're considering that for the future; see this thread.

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