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Android's work profiles are a powerful tool for separating work and personal apps. You can even clone apps, such as Gmail, so you can easily access both your private and work mailboxes while keeping them separate. Work profiles also help you maintain a work-life balance by allowing you to disable your work profile at any point, stopping you from being interrupted by work-related matters when you are off work.

Companies usually use work profiles when they allow employees to use their personal phones for professional issues or when they allow work phones to be used for personal matters. In both cases, an admin normally sets up the work profile. You can set one up yourself with apps such as Island.

Niagara Launcher supports work profiles. Work profile apps will show a small badge displaying a suitcase. When you disable the work profile, your work apps will be greyed out.

How we track requests

We track feature requests and bug reports on GitHub. However, we have decided to mention important GitHub issues here briefly.

On this page, you will find common feature requests and our stance on them in a condensed form. On GitHub, we mirror this article without our thoughts: [Collection] Work profile.

Also, we categorize these requests for our and our users' convenience:

  • ✅ Added
  • 🚧 Currently being worked on
  • 📝 Planned
  • 💬 In discussion
  • ❌ Not planned

Common feature requests

💬 Hide work apps when the work profile is disabled

We understand that still being able to see your work apps even when the work profile is disabled can lead to additional stress and clutter your app list.

While we agree with the idea behind the request, we are still determining whether this is the best option.

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📝 Dynamic work apps pop-up/folder / Work section

A pop-up/folder or a section (similar to the pop-up/folder section at the end of the all-apps list) containing all work apps and automatically updating its contents.

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