Alphabet Localization

One of the main ways you can navigate Niagara Launcher is through the all-apps list. This list groups apps based on their initial letter, each group can be easily accessed by tapping on its respective letter on the home screen. By default Niagara Launcher will try to transliterate app names and will group them based on the result. However speakers of different languages are used to different rules.

Examples of different rules in different languages

An English speaker might for example assume that the Swedish letters Å and Ä are different versions of A and should thus appear under the section A. In actuality the letters Å, Ä, Ö are considered their own letters and appear after Z in the Swedish alphabet.

The same applies to Japanese, English speakers will most likely expect 日本語 to appear in the special section #, while Japanese speakers will read the word and know it starts with an N sound, thus it should appear in the section N.

To reflect these rules we only add extra letters from your device's locales' languages.

Currently supported special letters

  • Æ, Ø, Å for Danish and Norwegian
  • Å, Ä, Ö for Swedish and Finnish
  • Ñ for Spanish and Filipino

Adding / Switching locale

Go to your device settings > System > Languages > System languages, then add the languages you want to use. The order of languages is important since if multiple languages clash, we use the locale order to decide which language's rules to follow.

Note: Depending on which Android flavor you are running these steps might differ.

Xiaomi devices

Sadly, MIUI does not support having multiple locales active at the same time.

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