Enabling Notification Previews

Niagara Launcher can only show notifications on your homescreen if you enable notification dots through Android's settings. The setting is called notification dots because usually, launchers indicate incoming notifications with a dot next to the app icon. Niagara Launcher on the other hand directly shows the notification's content next to the corresponding app icon. Still, Android calls this setting "notification dots". Unfortunately, almost every manufacturer calls this toggle differently and places it somewhere else in the settings. 

Here's how to enable "notification dots":

  • Samsung phones: Open Android's Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings > Toggle on App icon badges
  • Google Pixel phones: Open Android's Settings > Notifications > Toggle on Notification dot on app icon 
  • Other devices: Open Android's Settings and open the notification settings. You most probably find the toggle here. It might be called Notification dot on app iconAllow notification badgesApp icon badges or similar. Because this setting can be buried deep in Android's settings, we recommend using the settings' search and search for Notifications dots and Notification badges.

Notification Badge / Notification Dot Instead of Text Notification Preview

Because notification dots would already be an alteration of an existing feature, we decided not to add them to keep everything simple. Additionally, we experimented with showing numbers next to notifications but couldn't get decent results. Some apps count incoming messages; others count notifications (you get one notification for every person that writes you a message), and so on. Notification summary texts don't have this problem; they're straightforward to understand. 

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