How to Enable Alphabet Haptics

We have been experimenting with newer Android APIs and the improved vibration capabilities of recent Android devices. In the past, vibration effects have just been too rough to indicate minor details, and we’ve mostly stayed away from them because of that. However, newer technology opened up much finer vibration motor control to apps. This finally allowed us to introduce more haptic feedback in a way that fits our design.

How to Enable Alphabet Haptics

1. Make Sure Your Phone Supports Light Vibrations

Not all devices support the light vibrations we use for the alphabet. All flagship devices we tested support light haptics and there are also some non-high-end devices like the Google Pixel 4a that work. If you do not notice light vibrations while scrolling through Niagara’s alphabet, you either disabled vibration on your phone or your phone does not support light vibrations. You can use the secret command /check vibration to check for the latter.

⚠️ There's a bug affecting versions running on Android 8, 8.1, 9, and 10 that causes the command to say light vibrations are supported, even if they are not in reality. 

2. Enable Haptics in Niagara Launcher

Go to Niagara's settings > Features > turn on Allow haptic feedback.

3. Enable Haptics in Android's settings

It depends on what device and Android version you use where the settings to enable haptic feedback are located. Here's how you can enable haptic feedback on Samsung and Google smartphones; other phone manufacturers offer similar vibration settings.

Android 12 Samsung Phones

Open Android's settings >  Sounds and vibration. Then go to Vibration intensity and make sure the touch interaction slider is NOT at its lowest level. Afterward, go back to Sounds and vibration and tap on System sound/vibration control. Here, enable Touch interactions. 

 Android 12 Google Pixel Phones

Open Android's settings >  Sound and vibration > Vibration and haptics. Here, toggle on Use vibration & haptics and make sure the touch feedback slider is NOT at its lowest level.

How to Disable Alphabet Haptics

If your device’s vibration motor ruins the experience for you, or you’re just not a fan of vibration effects, you can disable haptic feedback in our launcher’s settings. To do that, reverse the steps from the last paragraph. 

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