Integrated Media Widget

Niagara Launcher's media widget lets you control music playback right from your home screen. To use the feature, long press on Niagara Launcher's time widget at the top and turn the media widget on. It will automatically appear when playing a song, video, or podcast.


Media App doesn't open when tapping on the widget

This is a known issue on Xiaomi Miui devices. To fix this, long press on your music app, tap on the "i" on the top right. After app info opened, scroll to "Other permissions" and make sure "Display pop-up windows while running in the background" is checked:

The Artwork Is Not Showing Up

Niagara displays the same image on the home screen displayed on the lock screen (instead of your wallpaper) on newer Android versions. If your Android version usually displays artwork on the lock screen but doesn’t do it when playing songs with a specific player, it means that the player app does not provide the image. Please contact the developer of your music app in this case. You can also try out if the cover can be seen in Android Auto. Here's the Google Play link and Apk-mirror link.

The Artwork is Blurry

Disable “Blur on lock screen” in your player’s settings if the option is available.

Media Controls Are Not Working

Please contact the developers of your music app and ask them if they can support transport controls & implement proper media sessions (e.g., you can share this Medium article).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the Media widget stays on screen all the time?

The idea is that Niagara's adaptive home screen only shows you the information you need right now. In our opinion, the media widget takes up too much space to be always visible. Moreover, not every media player supports resuming a session after it has ended. On top of that, Android 11 already keeps the media player in the quick settings/notification shade (you might have to expand it), so you can also resume it that way.

Why Media Player Artworks Don’t Have Rounded Corners?

We believe this wouldn’t look good for every artwork. We looked at covers from our personal music libraries and noticed they are often designed specially to fit in a square. Spotify also recommends not to change the artwork’s shape:

Why does the media widget push favorites to the bottom?

Instead of occupying the whitespace at the top, Niagara Launcher's media widget pushes down your favorites further down, and here's why: The upper whitespace has the purpose to reach interactive elements on your home screen easier, including the playback buttons on the media widget. That's why it makes more sense that the widget shows up below the whitespace and doesn't replace it.

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