Media Player Widget Issues

Media App doesn't open when tapping on widget

This is a known issue on Xiaomi Miui devices. To fix this, long press on your music app, tap on the "i" on the top right. After app info opened, scroll to "Other permissions" and make sure "Display pop-up windows while running in the background" is checked:

Artwork not showing up

Niagara displays the same image on the homescreen that is displayed on the behind lockscreen (instead of your wallpaper) on newer Android versions. If your Android version usually displays artwork on the lockscreen, but doesn’t do it when playing songs with a specific player, it means that the player app does not provide the image. Please contact the developer of your music app in this case. You can also try out if the cover can be seen in Android Auto ( Google Play link and Apk-mirror link).

Blurry artwork

Disable “Blur on lock screen” in your player’s settings if the option is available.

Controls not working

Please contact the developers of your music app and ask them if they can support transport controls & implement proper media sessions (e.g. you can link them this Medium article).

How to disable the media player widget?

There is no option to disable the player, but a toggle will be added in the future.

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